Clearing Up 5 Misconceptions About Prepping for Anal Sex

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Sadly, preparing for bottoming is not on most high school health class curricula. Lacking that, we turn to “experts” like our more open-minded friends, adult stars, and Reddit. These folks are iffy enough resources when asking where to eat or which new Netflix show to binge, but when it comes to bottoming, you should be talking to a doctor.

As one of the country’s leading medical authorities on butt play and butt health, I am here to be that “friend” you turn to. I’ll go into detail below, but if I can sum it up in a sentence, it’s: before putting something or someone inside you, pay attention to what you’re putting inside you.

Over the years, I’ve heard every myth about how to prepare, how to play with, and how to care for your most delicate parts of your body.

Here, then, are the 5 most common misconceptions — in no particular order — about how to prep your booty for getting busy.

1. The more liquid I use, the cleaner I’ll get.

Over douching is a big problem in the butt community because we have all been trained to think that more is better. The only place size matters is when you’re shopping for a cleansing bulb (or when you’re bottoming for the first time, but we’ll save that for another discussion). For every day play, your finger / toy / partner(s) isn’t going as deep as you think. In order to better understand why less is more, the location of your stool and your bowels in relation to where butt play actually takes place matters. When you cleanse with a shower hose or other, larger bulbs in the market and insert 7+ fluid ounces in one squeeze, the liquid ends up going too far beyond the rectum and into the sigmoid colon above, where stool is stored. The more you rinse out, the more stool you’ll dislodge, which means the longer it’ll take for things to “run clear” and the more liquid that you end up using. More liquid = more mess. The exception here is with fisting and larger toys, which means you’re probably going past the rectum and may require deeper cleaning. Word to the wise: our product was not developed or tested for deep cleaning.

Want to know my secret to knowing if you’re ready for the D? Use a toy (preferably one that mimics your partner’s length) before the fun starts to prove to yourself ahead of time that you are prepared (or not). Unfortunately, a lot of feeling “100% clean” is actually mental, so this test helps. We do hear from customers that they, too, were skeptical about the size of the pouches and the bulb, but after trying it out for themselves, they found that it did do the job with much less liquid than they originally thought they needed. While 1 pouch suffices for most, some end up using a second pouch. Take it from this real, happy behind: “I was surprised how little liquid is needed to clean. I think we all tend to over wash, where 1 pouch of Method does the job.”

2. A shower hose is the cheapest and most effective way to prep.

Sure, nothing is cheaper than water (it’s free!) and nothing is more powerful than a shower attachment (except maybe a pressure washer, but save that for your pool deck, not your poop deck). However, neither of these mean they’re safe or effective. Most shower hoses are actually too long and end up way higher inside your colon, which isn’t necessary. Then, once it’s inside you, you turn on the faucet and, unfortunately, most shower hoses do not have any way to regulate water pressure. All that high-pressure water creates a balloon effect, distending the rectum, washing away all the good things, and then shooting that water way up into the colon-much further than anyone will ever go during everyday play. Unless your partner is over a foot long, or you’re engaging in fisting or playing with really large toys, you simply don’t need to “deep clean”.

For people who transition from larger volumes of liquid to smaller ones, it may take time. Some people use more pouches at the beginning as they start to implement better overall gastrointestinal health. We also understand that all individuals’ makeup is slightly different, though the goal is betterment by decreasing risk. How we accomplish this is through, finally, an adequate liquid solution and minimizing the overall volume used. If you’re interested in reading more about how this methodology is implemented, we recommend checking out some of our other blog posts: The Biggest Myths About Prepping to Bottom and It’s Time to Simplify Your Bottoming Preparation Routine.

3. Fiber is all I need to be ready to bottom.

This was a trick because for many lucky people, a diet that’s high in fiber is actually all you need to be ready to bottom at the drop of your pants. We’re the first to admit two things: our product alone may not get you 100% ready (diet, exercise, and stress all play a part) and some people never need to douche (we’re so envious of you!). Unfortunately, for most people, though, we either simply don’t eat enough fiber or don’t take fiber supplements to have what I like to call “dog poops”. Have you ever noticed how dogs never have to wipe their butts? It’s not magic that their poop is always solid and formed — it’s because their diet is extremely high in fiber, which binds it together and allows for smooth and complete evacuation. I suggest adding fiber supplements to your bedtime routine, in addition to any fiber you consume during the day. This will help ensure you’re ready to bottom — either without the need to douche at all or after a simple rinse with 1–2 pouches of the Future Method Intimate Wash.

4. An enema works better for cleaning out.

First things first: an enema is not the same as a douche. Future Method is different from an enema, like Fleet, which helps alleviate severe constipation. Future Method is only meant as a cleanser to help prepare for backdoor fun. The act of squeezing it into your behind is what actually gets you “ready” to bottom. It shouldn’t make you go to the bathroom, nor is it meant to, especially since it only cleans out the distal rectum. The stool is higher than what is irrigated using Future Method and most do not feel the need to actually go #2.

On the other hand, store-bought enemas are meant to be used only a few times over the course of your life, if even at all. Their main purpose is to relieve occasional constipation and/or prepare you for an examination or procedure, like a colonoscopy, which explains why it produces an urgency to evacuate your bowels-that’s its job.

Future Method is a douche, which is meant purely to cleanse the area. So, this is a long way of saying, sure, an enema works better for cleaning out, but not for the right reasons and not without long-term negative consequences with regular use. We care about your butt, which is why we’re urging you to say “no” to enemas.

5. Saline solutions or organic and all natural soaps are more important than isotonicity.

Our formula is isotonic and pH-balanced, which means it includes ingredients that are compatible with the body’s natural composition. This is a more ideal option compared to tap water, store-bought enemas, saline solutions, and other organic and natural soaps for getting ready to bottom because the concentration of these options can cause irritation, dryness, and/or damage to the delicate cells inside your behind. Just because something says it’s organic and all natural doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Cow manure is also organic and all natural, but you don’t see anyone making a meal out of it now do you?

In the end

We want to help you get to the bottom of how to improve the way you prepare, play, and care for your behind by bringing science into the bedroom. Have any other questions? Don’t be afraid to email us or follow us on Instagram. Here, you’ll find nothing butt the truth.

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